Successful Indie Game Dev Stories: Team Meat

Today we are featuring two indie game designers known for their tremendous success with the game: Super Meat Boy.
Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes teamed up to create Super Meat Boy in 2010 which was firstly released on Xbox. It was the successor of a flash game called meat boy.

Super Meat Boy Dev Story

“When I was in middle school I would draw up designs for what I thought would be the ultimate video game: full of blood, huge bosses, epic worlds, and a story that would follow an immortal hero through hell, the end of the world, and beyond. Then I grew up… and not much changed.” Edmund confides. The two of them met each other in 2008 and they immediately clicked. “Working with Tommy felt a lot like hanging out with my best friend in junior high, nerding out and going off on tangents that would annoy just about everyone around us.” The two of them became best friends and made one of the best indie games we’ve seen so far.

One remarkable thing about Team Meat is that they used their own game engine to make this game. Why? “One huge reason is control. I’m sort of a control freak when it comes to code; I like to understand everything that’s going on in my codebase. That way, if something breaks, I know exactly where and how to fix it.” says Edmund.

Since it was released it has gained the reputation of being one of the hardest games of all time. But the amount of frustration and broken controllers does not stop the over one million units sold.

After living and working in apartment buildings and small spaces for 18 months to develop the game these two have easily become millionaires themselves.


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