Google Play Updates Developer Program Policy

A couple of hours ago, I received an e-mail from Google Play titled ‘Google Play Developer Program Policy Update’.

Hello Google Play Developer,
We’re excited to announce the launch of a redesigned Google Play Developer Policy CenterRead the first lines…

Upon clicking on the link, I was taken to a new refreshed website aimed at making its guidelines for app developers easier to locate, read through and understand.

Google Play Policy Update

The revamp includes a visual makeover utilising Google’s own, colourful “Material Design” to organise the policies by themes like “Restricted Content” or “Privacy and Security,” for example. But it also includes updated rules, expanded information on policy enforcement to help resolve violations, as well as visual examples and detailed guidelines for the most common violations.

Policy Changes

In addition to rolling out the new look for the Developer Program Policy Center, Google also took the time to update a few policies in accordance with current practices. In other words, even longtime app developers may want to take a look to see what’s changed.

For example, Google has updated its Ads policy to prohibit inappropriate ads, including those that interfere with device functionality. It has introduced restrictions on apps that bypass the system power management features under its Device and Network Abuse.

And Google has clarified its User Data policy to include a privacy policy requirement when collecting contact or phonebook data from users.

There may be other changes buried in there as well, but this will require a more careful read-through to discover them.

The change to the Policy Center isn’t one that will directly impact Google Play users, but by clarifying and simplifying its rules for a worldwide developer community, Google is hoping to increase the quality of the applications on its app store which sees over a billion visitors monthly.

The new policy center is live now, and developers are invited share their feedback about the changes. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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